ERP For pharmacy & Nursing Colleges

Academic Mitra is a multipurpose cloud-based ERP software for colleges and higher institutions. This bundled solution has all the features that are needed to handle the required activities from admissions to fee payment and student administration.

We offer 25+ modules to help higher institutions such as colleges, universities and technical institutions manage their entire campus academic & administrative operations, innovate teaching and promote better learning outcomes for enhancing institutional effectiveness.


Academic Management
    • Classroom Management
    • Auto Timetable Generation
    • Attendance Management
    • Manage Class Assignments
    • Classroom Performance Reports
    • Student Academic Assessment
    • Examination Management
    • Ebook Management
    • Student & Employee Leave Management
    • Multiple Grading Systems Supported
    • Color-Coded Performance Reports
Admission Management
    • Inquiry Follow up System
    • Online Registration
    • Online Registration Payment
    • Inquiry Conversion Report
    • Counselor & Interviews
    • Centralized Database
    • Custom Form Builder
    • Bulk Upload Students
    • Auto-generate ID Cards & Passes
    • Student Certificates Storage
    • Various Inquiry Reports (state, city, gender, Education board )
    • Secure Student Information Storage
Fee & Finance Management
    • Student Fee Management
    • Customized Fee Schedule
    • Online Fee Payments
    • Fee Concession
    • Live Collection Dashboard
    • Manage Finances and Budget
    • Daily Expenses Report
    • Manage Staff Salaries
    • Auto-generate Salary Slips
    • E-receipts
    • 24/7 Transactions
    • Manage Store Purchases
    • Profit and Loss Report
    • Year-end Financial Statements
Library Management
    • Book Bank
    • Books Barcode Generation
    • Stock Verification
    • Books Issue and Return Record
    • Overdue and Recall Notices
    • Notices and Reminders
    • Budget Analysis
    • Book Fines
    • Book Reservation
    • Various Reports
    • Dissertation and Thesis
College Attendance
    • Attendance Tracking
    • Monthly Attendance Letter
    • Provisionally Cleared Student
    • Upload Leave Applications
    • Automated Examination Debarred List
    • HOD Report
    • First and Compulsory Lecture Reports
    • Estimated Attendance Sheets
    • Consecutive Lecture Attendance Report
    • Mass Bunk Reports
    • Attendance with Course Coverage Reports
Hostel Management
    • Histol Enrollment
    • Hostel Infrastructure
    • Hostel Attendance
    • Hostel Leave Tracking
    • Mess Creation and Management
    • Hostel Gate Pass Approvals
    • Hostel Documents Uploads
    • Hostel Visitor Records
    • Room and Mess Allotment
    • Mess Bill Calculation
    • Hostel Fines and Payroll
Training & Placement
    • Training and Placement Portal
    • Upload Resume and Other Documents
    • Student Academic Data
    • Carryover Paper Details
    • Placement Registration
    • Placement Drive and Invitation
    • Interviews Applications
    • Filters Based on Attendance, 10th,12th Marks, etc.
    • Training and Placement Updates
    • Placement Notices and Circulars
    • Industrial Training
    • Industry Training Project Report
    • Company Profiles, Eligibility Criteria, and Reports
Lab Manager
    • Lab Management
    • Lab Coverage Report
    • Lab Attendance
    • Lab Viva and Experiment Grades
    • Lab Examinations
Student Enrollment
    • Secured Log in
    • Student Management
    • Centralized Record
    • Student Documents
    • Student Fine Status
    • Student Carryover Papers
    • Student Leaves Record
    • Student Gate Pass
    • Student Grievance
HR & Staff Management
    • Staff records
    • Staff attendance
    • Leave Management
    • Payroll and salary
    • Reimbursement
    • Promotion/Transfer
Reports & Analysis
    • 100+ Custom reports
    • Exam & Attendance reports
    • User data reports
    • Fees reports
    • Inquiry reports
    • Staff & HR reports
    • Daily summary
    • Library/book reports
    • Vehicle tracking reports
Learning Management
    • Organized content Sharing
    • Live Classes
    • Online Quiz
    • Assignments
    • Analysis and reports
    • Premium Courses

Challenges VS Solutions

Challenges Faced By Educational Institutions
  • -Unavailability of Student’s Academic Information on a Real-Time Basis
  • -Difficulty Maintaining Bulk & Endless Records of Student and Administrative Activities
  • -Poor Student-Teacher-Parent Engagement and Collaboration
  • -Communication Gap Between Different Departments and Trustees
  • -Multiple Excel Sheets for Data Entry Resulting in Human Errors
  • -Time-Consuming and Long Queues for Admission & Fee Collection Process
Solution Provided By Academic Mitra ERP
  • -Easy Access to Student’s Information in Real-Time
  • -Simplified Student and Administrative Data Management on a Cloud ERP Software
  • -Auto-Triggered Notifications Sent Directly to Parents
  • -Enhanced Communication with a Centralized ERP Campus Solution
  • -100% Accuracy with an Integrated Database for Student Data Collection
  • -Saves Time with Online Admissions & Fee Collection ERP Software

Our Clients

One team one mission.


Academic Mitra ERP Solutions - How Can They Help Your Institute?


An Educational ERP software can help institutes to save operational costs by digitizing and interconnecting all operational and functional departments.


An ERP solution can act as a facilitator for the teacher by automating most physical repetitive tasks with mere click of a button.


Parents can log into the cloud ERP software and can get complete academic & attendance information of their wards as well as fee reminders.


An ERP software helps the students with e-learning, automated assignment reminders, easy homework upload, fee reminders, and individual log-ins


1.What Excatly Is Academic Mitra Software?
Academic Mitra ERP software refers to a digital portal designed to manage day-to-day activities in an institute and connect students, teachers, and parents digitally.

2.What Does ERP Mean In Higher Education?
An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in higher education refers to a software which streamlines all the academic & administrative activities, thereby increasing productivity.

3.What Are The Advantages Of Using ERP In Educational Institutions?
Key advantages of ERP solution include: 1.Simplified Admission Process 2.Real-time Data Record 3.Automated Fee Payments 4.Centralized Data Management 5.Reduced Paperwork

4. How Should ERP Software Be Implemented?
For a successful ERP software implementation, the institute needs to define its specific requirements, determine the redesign process, and configure the software before deploying it.

5. How Can I Locate A Reputable Higher Education ERP System?
By researching different vendors offering better campus automation, you can choose a suitable ERP provider. Academic Mitra is one of them, who has served institutes.

6. How Do You Select The Finest ERP Software For Your Organization?
By clearly defining the institute requirements and getting product demos of various ERP vendors, you can select the most ideal ERP software.